Semester project 2011

Development of a Control Module for Learning Robot Minigolf Hitting Motions on Advanced Fields
Adrien Béraud (CH)

In the LASA laboratory, a system for teaching a robotic arm how to play minigolf has been developed. The minigolf skill requires two parts: 1) a basic hitting motion model 2) a hitting motion adaptation model. The latter is used to set the parameters of the former such that the robot hits the ball with appropriate hitting angle and hitting speed given the position of the ball. The use of a stereovision system to track the ball enables the robot to solve all challenges involved in playing minigolf autonomously, i.e. tracking the ball, choosing hitting angle and hitting speed, and hitting the ball. This project aims at extending the range of playable fields by improving various aspects of the system. The focus will be on implementing a selfimprovement mechanism (to allow the robot to learn from its experience) and investigating alternative models of the hitting motion. This short video gives an overview of the system in its current state.
Project: Semester Project
Period: 20.09.2011 – 20.01.2012
Section(s): EL IN ME MT
Type: 30% experiments, 50% software, 20% theory
Knowledge(s): Matlab, C++, Machine Learning, Control Systems
Subject(s): Machine Learning, Control Systems
Responsible(s): Klas Kronander, Seyed Mohammad Khansari-Zadeh