Project type 2012

Implementation of the whole body collision avoidance on the WAM arm
Burak Zeidan (IN)

Many robot tasks require reaching or placing an object while avoiding collision with other objects as well as the robot itself. The aim of this project is to take the existing code for the obstacle avoidance, that is only applicable to point-robots, and to extend it for the whole robot body collision avoidance. To obtain this, the student needs to find the closest point on the robot to the obstacle, and then drive it away (with the help of kinematic null-space). In this project, the following steps should be obtained: 1) To understand the existing C++ code and the approach, 2) to implement the closest point on the body to the obstacle, and 3) To drive the obtained point away from the obstacle.
Project: Semester Project
Period: 18.02.2012 – 20.06.2012
Section(s): EL IN ME MT
Type: 30% theory, 35% software, 35% testing on hardware
Knowledge(s): C++, MATLAB, recommended: some knowledge on inverse kinematics, robot control, dynamical systems
Subject(s): Obstacle Avoidance, Robotics, Dynamical Systems
Responsible(s): Seyed Mohammad Khansari-Zadeh